Your First Highly Profitable Digital Online Product

You are just 30 days away from having your first product up and for sale on the Internet!

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Like To OWN a Proven High Demand Online Product?

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Would you like me to show you a proven high selling product and how to get it up and for sale on the Internet within 30 days if you follow my step by step instructions? You don't even need a website, and YOU get to keep 100% of the sales...

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Like to sell and earn with a top-quality TWENTY-video product someone else has already created? NO Website needed!
You will be fully licensed,
and I’ll show you how

My program, Expat Profit, is designed to coach you, step by step, on how to have your own product (maybe your first ever product) up & for sale live on the Internet in no time

The ‘Litten Method’ both deep dives (in upcoming videos) how to CREATE your own product, but there is also a fast track to having YOUR OWN product for sale sooner … buy & resell one!

Make no mistake, this will be YOUR product, you will pocket 100% of every sale … but instead of spending time in the woodshed creating something upfront, you just buy the RIGHTS to a product someone else made

(These kind of products are created by someone else with the specific intention of allowing YOU to take ownership by way of buying the rights. It’s a model called Private Label Rights, or ‘PLR’ for short … maybe you've heard of it?)

Now, be aware that the QUALITY of PLR products varies a LOT. Much of the PLR material out there is lower quality & so cheap to license … HOWEVER, there are a few VERY high quality products if you know where to look (which naturally cost a bit more to license, but those are the ONLY kind you want to put your name to, right?)

So, during our time together, our ‘end game’ is for you to CREATE & sell your own product. However in the meantime, to prove my system works, it is definitely worth considering just BUYING someone else product via the PLR resell rights model & re selling that. (Some of these PLR products you can re-brand & change the graphics etc etc so it is in effect UNIQUE to you)

Hey, it may be the case that you are familiar with PLR, have already looked into it before & even maybe have products with rights sitting on your hard drive right now? If that’s the case, great - but remember, they absolutely MUST be VERY high quality AND address a BIG problem in a PROVEN market … Oh, and be on VIDEO

If you DO have the rights to PLR that matches ALL those criteria, we can use it (should definitely be VIDEO ONLY because videos are ‘mobile friendly’)

However … If, like most of my students, you don’t already own the rights to a TOP QUALITY PLR VIDEO product that SOLVES a BIG PROBLEM in a MASS MARKET … let’s not let that stop us

I anticipated this roadblock & so have a product you can look at which ticks ALL those boxes … that you can acquire the rights to IF YOU WANT

To be clear, you absolutely do not have to take me up on this offer if you already have a quality, mass market, problem-solving PLR video product you can use … this is for those who don’t … & who want to get something up for sale ASAP 

I’m about to give you a link to go and LOOK at the product. You will see it is very high quality, solves a BIG problem that pretty much everyone on the Internet has, is made up of no less than 20 HD videos AND comes with RE BRANDING rights so you can change the name (if you want to)

When you follow the link below, if you decide you want to acquire the Rights & get going with it … DO NOT BUY FROM THERE because that cart adds VAT to the price - so you pay around £80.00 - OUCH!

To get around that I have a double deal for my members ...

1) I will send you a secret code you can use at checkout to get around the cart & download the video files for FREE

(without that darned VAT)
2) I will also give you a £10 ExPat Profit members discount … yes, on the PRE VAT price !!!

So, go HERE now  & take a look at what you are getting, but DO NOT BUY FROM THERE because not only will they add VAT at checkout but you will also MISS OUT on that £10 members discount you get on the price everyone else sees on that page

STEP ONE. If you want to get going with that product for just £57.00 total (£10 Discount and VAT-free), 
PAY NOW using the payment button below:

STEP TWO. After you have paid send me a quick email via

(Subject Line;  “PLR code please Dave”) & I will reply with clear step by step instructions what to do to get the product VAT free … PLUS that ExPat Profit members £10 discount!

You will have the full RE-BRAND rights to this proven winner

Let's agree that the biggest hurdle to making a few Euro online, is and always will be ...
Getting everything set up so you have something up and 'out there' for sale.

This will be YOUR product. You keep ALL the revenue and profit from your sales

NOTE: This market-tested, proven product consists of 20 professionally-created HD videos

  • I have ALREADY done the in-depth market research to seek out an in-demand topic and product
  • YOU simply build out all the moving parts around that existing product
  • YOU do not need to focus on CREATING THE PRODUCT

You will have your first product up & for sale on the Internet within 30 days if you follow my step by step instructions ... GUARANTEED!

To be clear – you get your own sales page link to promote your own product - you get all the videos and the graphics

But there’s more …

I will show you in detail how to drive traffic to your new personal instant sales page

I will then hold your hand all the way to create and sell your next – and second unique product ... of YOUR OWN creation

Here's Your Payment Link Again  for Lifetime Rights to Traffic Alchemy:

After you have paid send me a quick email via (Subject Line;  “PLR code please Dave”) & I will reply with clear step by step instructions to download your new
Traffic Alchemy online training course

Sorry, but I will have to restrict numbers to invest, as I don't want to flood the market with competition to you - so it's First Come First Served
(if the above link is still active you WILL be accepted)

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