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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You get instant full lifetime access to ALL PRINCE2 Masterclass media consisting of 18 Modules. Each Module contains several streaming video lessons (You get 104 20-minute lessons in total) - these are at the heart of your learning experience.

You can watch these at any time and place, and feel free to pause and rewind as often as you wish. We all learn at a different pace, and if you are like me, you will want to review all or part of each video more than once, taking notes as you go.

You get 18 accompanying Handbooks - these are in a PDF format to read it online or print out as you wish. Each Handbook contains multiple exercises that track key syllabus outcomes linked to Foundation Exam and Practitioner Exam style questions.

These will encourage you to gain an intuitive and deep understanding of PRINCE2 and act as an aid to revisit topic areas.

Passing your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams at your first try not only depends on mastering the PRINCE2 method, but it also needs to to build your exam analytical skills. Don't worry, just carry out all the provided exam-based exercises in each Module, and if you get stuck, go back and review the video as many times as you wish.

EXAM CRAM and EXAM BOOST Learning Tools. In each Module you will find a powerful revision aid with extra vital information to supplement your lesson videos. You can complete PRINCE2 Masterclass in under two weeks, and Projex Academy guarantees you will pass at first try!

Get The Big PRINCE2 View

Across all 7 Principles, 7 Processes and 7 Themes, you’ll be treated to highly detailed module video lessons, delivered in easy bite sized steps to ensure you fully grasp the PRINCE2 Methodology overview , even if you don’t know where to start


Gain a comprehensive 'gut-feel' of anchoring all PRINCE2 Principles and their application and
instinctively apply the model of how PRINCE2 Processes 'speak' to each other, plus how PRINCE2 is tailored and implemented in both Processes and Themes

Save Your Time and Money

There are no travel and accommodation costs as you can study anywhere with an Internet connection, and you won't have to take time off work - plus no
more dragging heavy course materials back and forth. Make life easier and go online with our Axelos accredited PRINCE2 Masterclass

Prepare In Bite-Sized Chunks

Test your knowledge in a fun, entertaining environment with PRINCE2 Masterclass exam revision tools. PRINCE2 Masterclass online course is broken into bite-size lessons, combining leading edge multimedia and interactive exercises for optimum enjoyment and knowledge retention

Fully Prepared and Confident

Our accredited Axelos e-learning can be used to support your claim for up to 30 Category-C PDUs for the PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements Scheme (CCRS), so be fully prepared and confident for the exams and discover the PRINCE2 Exam-Pass techniques that are 'hiding in plain sight'


Enjoy yourself - feel confident with full tutorial support. Take your time, and study at your own pace by bookmarking your progress and picking up where you left off at a speed that suits you, ask questions as you go, so there is no need to feel isolated while you are learning

Check out how PRINCE2 Masterclass helped these students become PRINCE2 Practitioners at first try!

Leanne Walsham

PRINCE2 Practitioner

I was frantically searching online for help when I came across your PRINCE2 Masterclass System - the best money I've spent, something clicked, and it all started to fall into place, I started to really grasp the methodology, and most importantly, this gave me the confidence - I passed and am now officially a PRINCE2 Practitioner!
Thanks so much Dave,

Vanessa Morris

PRINCE2 Practitioner

I’m now a fully qualified Project Manager, I passed my exam yesterday, thank you so much for your excellent PRINCE2 Practitioner learning material. It helped me so much with my studies and without a doubt definitely assisted in passing my Exam

Catherine Edwards

PRINCE2 Practitioner

I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner - and I am very happy and my career is now all on track - a huge Thank You as your PRINCE2 Masterclass made absorbing the knowledge easy and gave me a confident and full understanding of the PRINCE2 Method

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PRINCE2 Masterclass Course Overview

Each of these Video Modules comes complete with multiple video lessons, accompanying detailed Handbook plus EXAM CRAM and EXAM BOOST tools focused for EACH Module:


Module 1: Discovering PRINCE2 Structure, Benefits and Context

This is an important module as it sets out the overall framework of PRINCE2. You get four lessons totaling 105 minutes introducing PRINCE2, how it is applied with project management, the benefits, and the project environment.
Crucially, you will learn how the main components of the PRINCE2 model fit together and the relationships these have with other parts of the methodology. It is also imperative you grasp PRINCE2 terminology which will be important for your exams.


Module 2: Figuring Out the PRINCE2 Principles, Processes, Themes and Road Map

This module is jam-packed with 5 video lessons of 153 minutes in total. In Lesson 1 you will learn about the high level PRINCE2 Process Model.

In Lesson 2 and 3, the 7 PRINCE2 Principles are detailed, along with an overview of the 7 PRINCE2 Themes. Finally in Lesson 4, you are guided through the Road Map - and end-to-end walk-through of PRINCE2, for the key process and management products within PRINCE2. This vital last section will unlock the fundamental framework that is the cornerstone of the Method.


Module 3: Making Sense of Tailoring and Adopting the PRINCE2 Method

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, so the key to using PRINCE2 successfully, is to tailor or 'blend' the method so that it suits the project situation.

In this module there are 4 video lessons totaling 86 minutes, covering a new chapter in the Official PRINCE2 Manual, that of Tailoring and Adopting PRINCE2.
This looks at the various environments that will use PRINCE2, from small simple projects up to the use of PRINCE2 within programmes and portfolios
The module also covers the application of PRINCE2 within a specific organization and within the Customer/Supplier environment.

You will master the use of tailoring as it is the prime source of Practitioner exam questions!


Module 4: Connecting With the PRINCE2 Starting Up A Project Process

Starting Up a Project is key to all remaining processes as it lays the foundational terms of reference upon which they lay.

In this module there are 6 video lessons totaling 146 minutes, covering the 6 activities within the PRINCE2 Starting Up a Project process.
They include investigating whether the project idea is a worthwhile and viable one, the development and contents of the Project Brief and use of the Initiation Stage Plan.
In addition we will cover the application of this process to small project, programmes and the use of the Agile framework.


Module 5: Focus on Applying and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Organization Theme

Here, you learn who gets involved and which roles and responsibilities they are given.

In this module there are 7 video lessons totaling 150 minutes covering The Organization Theme.
These vital main roles within a PRINCE2 project are explained, the management of stakeholders, the Communication Management Approach document, and tailoring the method within a commercial environment including the use of Agile

Special emphasis is needed since tailoring now includes a main source of questions for the Practitioner Exam.


Module 6: Crafting  and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Business Case Theme

The justification for a project should always be clear with reasons why it is being undertaken.

In this module there are 6 video lessons totaling 115 minutes, which cover the PRINCE2 Business Case and Benefits Management Approach documents including their content and structure.

So this Theme sets up a series of mechanisms to ensure the project is and remains viable, desirable and achievable.
We will look at the effective use of the Business Case, its use within an Agile environment, as well as some investment appraisal techniques. Once again, note the importance of grasping how the Business Case is tailored.


Module 7: Harnessing and Tailoring the Initiating A Project Process

The main focus here is on planning the project, and it covers the 9 activities within the Initiating a Project process, where there are 7 video lessons totaling 124 minutes taking you through the purpose and objectives of this process.
You are shown exactly how to perform each activity in turn culminating in the assembly of the Project Initiation Documentation (PID).
The four main Approach documents are covered in detail, the Project Plan, Business Case and controls, all of which form part of the PID itself.
This Module finishes off with how to tailor the Initiating a Project process and includes its use within an Agile environment.


Module 8: Unearthing and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Risk Theme

One of the challenges when managing a project is uncertainty - it is vital to manage risk proactively, and improve the projects ability to succeed.

Module 8 of our PRINCE2 Masterclass covers The PRINCE2 Risk Theme.
In this module there are 6 video lessons totaling 144 minutes, which include the Risk Management Approach document, the risk management procedure, the Risk Register, and the various risk tools and techniques.


Module 9: Mobilizing and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Quality Theme

You will learn how to describe an approach that ensures quality products are created on your project.

In module 9 there are 6 video lessons totaling 104 minutes which provide you with the purpose and objectives of The Quality Theme.
You will be introduced to quality planning and control, the quality audit trail and the contents and use of the Project Product Description and Product Descriptions, in particular the use of the customers quality expectations and acceptance criteria.
Importantly, you learn the purpose and objectives for quality, along with the steps of the formal quality review.


Module 10: Figuring Out the PRINCE2 Technique of Product-based Planing

You must use this technique if your project claims to be using the PRINCE2 Method - so it is vital you understand the steps and purpose.

In module 10 there are 4 video lessons totaling 120 minutes covering the PRINCE2 Product-based Planning Technique.
You will be introduced to the four steps to this technique which are the creation of the Project Product Description, the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), the Product Descriptions, and the Product Flow Digram (PFD)


Module 11: Making Sense of and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Plans Theme 

This module crucially, will help you forecast the resources and activities needed to create the project products.

There are 9 video lessons in this module totaling 175 minutes which provide you with an introduction and structure of the course Modules.
You will be introduced to the purpose and objectives of this Theme, and its application to create the Project Plan, Stage Plans, Team Plans and Exception Plans.
I will also cover the use of Management Stages, estimating and scheduling, planning risk management, the critical chain method, and the use of plans from a supplier perspective, within a programme, and Agile environments.


Module 12: Connecting With and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Directing A Project Process

This process is used by the Project Board to make key decisions about the project, this process spans the entire PRINCE2 process model. Here, there are 7 video lessons totaling 148 minutes covering the PRINCE2 Directing a Project process.
You will be introduced to the activities covering the purpose, context plus the project board roles and responsibilities, finishing off with the various tailoring aspects of the Directing a Project process


Module 13: Determining and Tailoring of the PRINCE2 Managing A Stage Boundary Process

This process is only used if one of two conditions arise - do you know what they are?

In this module there are 5 video lessons totaling 135 minutes covering The Managing a Stage Boundary process
You will be introduced to the purpose and objectives of this PRINCE2 process, along with a description of each of the 5 activities covering its dual use as a process to prepare for an end stage assessment or an exception assessment.
The final lesson will cover tailoring the Managing a Stage Boundary process.


Module 14: Building  and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Controlling A Stage Process

The project manager is responsible for day-to-day management of the project - and this is the process that is used.

In this module there are 8 video lessons totaling 155 minutes which provide you the purpose and objectives of the Controlling a Stage process, used by the Project Manager.

This process controls specialist delivery work, reports on stage progress, deals with risks and issues, and decides what to do next within the stage.
This will cover the eight activities and the various monitoring, control, and reporting aspects of the Project Managers day to day management with each PRINCE2 management stage. It will finish off with how to tailor this process for different project sizes, programmes and within an Agile environment.


Module 15: Connecting With and Tailoring the Managing Product Delivery Process

This process controls the delivery of the specialist work.

Module 15 of our PRINCE2 Masterclass covering The Managing Product Delivery process, where there are 4 video lessons totaling 70 minutes, describing the purpose and objectives of this process covering the roles of the Team Manager and the specialist team members themselves.
Here, I describe the content and use of the Work Package, Product Descriptions, and the Checkpoint Report, concluding with tailoring the process and its use within an Agile environment.


Module 16: Controlled Shut down and Tailoring of the PRINCE2 Closing A Project Process

Closing a Project  provides a fixed point in time at which acceptance of the main outputs (products) of the project can be confirmed.

In this module there are 5 video lessons totaling 76 minutes covering the five activities needed for the controlled shut down of any PRINCE2 project.
I will cover the dual purpose of this process - used for a natural close and for a premature close. This Module includes how to tailor this process and its use within an Agile environment.


Module 17: Researching and Tailoring the PRINCE2 Change Theme

Here you will learn how to identify, assess, and control, potential and approved changes to the project.

In this module there are 5 video lessons totaling 130 minutes covering the purpose and objectives of the Theme.
You will be introduced to the use of PRINCE2 Issues including Requests For Change and Off Specifications, the issue and change control steps, configuration management and the Issue Register. In addition, how to tailor this Theme depending upon the project type and its environment.


Module 18: Reflecting and Tailoring of the PRINCE2 Progress Theme

Here, you must focus on controlling the project so that it ultimately, it achieves its objectives.

In this module there are 4 video lessons totaling 135 minutes covering the steps to progress control, tolerances, exceptions, and the Project Board and Project Manager controls.
This is the final Module, and is a good time to take stock on your grasp of the PRINCE2 Methodology thus far. It is an opportunity to go back over some of the videos and review your preparation for your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams.

About Dave Litten - Accredited PRINCE2 Trainer Since 1997

David Litten’s proprietary Projex Academy Masterclass training places a priority on video-based, step-by-step management life-changing training, and his students are reaping the rewards.

Dave is Europe’s No. 1 Project Management Trainer and brings his extensive 20-plus years training skills to the market place, by helping project managers maximize their skills and earning potential.

When investing your time with Projex Academy training, managers can expect to find new clarity, gain new understanding along with professional qualifications/accreditation, and harness new management strategies and tools to fast-track their careers.

Dave is passionate about helping folks just like you attain new knowledge and skills and would love to hear from you!

Here’s what people are saying about Projex Academy ...

Kumar Saurabh

Senior Project Manager

I want to thank you for your wonderful Masterclass. It was an excellent resource to understand the concepts through the use of your high quality interactive videos. The videos explained every concept visually. I made notes of the important concepts along the way and at the end of it I was fully confident in my knowledge of the PRINCE2 Method. Thanks to your Masterclass Lab I cleared and passed my Exams at first attempt!

Basil Al-Farhan

PRINCE2 Practitioner

I am pleased to inform you that I made it. I passed my Practitioner Exam with an amazing score of 60 marks (Which is almost 75%). You really are a life-saver, I almost quit until I found your website. And there we go, all done, thanks to you. I just wanted to thank you personally.

Paul McLatchie

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Very rarely do I take time out to write a real thank you, but after using a your Masterclass, I just had to! Just got my Practitioner result back and I managed to pass with 77%. I bought your Primer before I went on a combined Foundation/Practitioner course. I sat down and watched your videos through at least twice and I did a fair chunk of the exercises.

As a techy that was looking to get to grips with the Method, I found your videos amazingly useful. Great presenting style and an uncanny ability to simplify a very dry course manual. Really liked your little anecdotes and excellent examples that clarified things superbly. I know for an absolute fact that it was the use of your instructional videos that provided a huge chunk of my exam knowledge.

Think about your options to become an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner . . .

You could enroll on a rushed and crowded classroom course. Your instructor is under orders to force-feed the syllabus to you in three to four days flat. An incredibly high learning curve.

By the time you return to your office, the course and accommodation won't leave much change out of £2,000.

You could become one of my private coaching students at £600 per day, or take one of those £800-plus online courses full of boring bullet-driven slide shows.

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Course Enrollments close on July 25th 2019


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Adam Williams

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Success - I passed first try!"

"Just thought I would let you know I passed my exam on Wednesday, thanks to your help. Your PRINCE2 Masterclass videos and study materials were invaluable and got me across the line. Thanks again - I will certainly recommend your Primer to anyone wanting to go for this certification.."

Saswata Basak

PRINCE2 Practitioner

I immediately felt  confident about the entire syllabus and all the concepts"

"I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your PRINCE2 Masterclass playing an important part in my preparation and subsequent passing of both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. Once I had gone through all the 18 modules of your PRINCE2  video Masterclass, there was no looking back

Mark Carlisle

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Your training package and method of course delivery helped me immensely to pass my exams. I found I only had to watch your video modules once as there was continual useful cross reference and revision on previous lessons during the whole learning phase. Having your complete Masterclass package enabled me to pass the course with confidence. Additionally I feel that I have finally formalized what I have been doing for years.

This was not just about passing the course for me I feel confident in putting the Methodology into practice. A truly great package explained brilliantly and thoroughly. Thank you very much Dave, I'm interested in your other courses using this method and will sign up in a second! It was like a good book I could not put down, very addictive.

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My Guidance for you

PRINCE2 Masterclass evolved from the need of students to pass their PRINCE2 Practitioner exam -  To achieve that goal, PRINCE2 Masterclass goes far beyond just 'training'.  PRINCE2 Masterclass is something that I am proud of and has helped thousands of students become Practitioners. I urge you to enroll now, so I can help you fly through your PRINCE2 exams and gain the prestigious PRINCE2 Practitioner Accreditation. I will be at your side every step of the way.