best work from home jobs

How To Make £1470 Per Month

In these uncertain times, you MUST generate a side income to protect you and your family's financial future.

It's easier and cheaper than you think - copy the same system I have used for the past two decades to bank up to £3,000 every month. Corona virus has NOT stopped my income.

Learn to generate your own monthly part time income… even if you have never run a business in your life!

I've been making a full time living online for years selling VERY simple products to people who want them because they solve simple problems.

Discover how to turn your knowledge, passion, or experience into online courses and digital products you can sell online for high prices

best work from home jobs part time

 The tools you will need to create your first product are probably already lurking on your computer or smart-phone!

I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business to show you how much success is possible selling Training Products and online – just working from home on your computer. I will walk you through the process of creating a highly valuable product to sell and then how to make sure your marketing sells it. 

My Litten Method gives you a series of tools, techniques and templates then walk you through how to use them in easy bite-sized steps for you to create an online income.

I started my business working from my computer twenty years ago, all of it done online and all of it done working from home…without any computer degrees or college degrees. I started with just one eBook on managing projects that I wrote in two months flat using information freely available on the Internet and existing books. 

Now I have 10 successful online training courses that provide me with a financially independent lifestyle. So what’s my secret? I think it’s pretty simple. I create super, high quality info products and training, stuff that people find really valuable.

And you can too…by identifying niche opportunities where there’s a big need and then creating information products people want to buy. 

That’s what this page is all about: helping you take advantage of an industry that generates over $400 billion a year in worldwide sales. I hope you enjoy it!

best work from home jobs part time

This is a business you can fully run from a laptop. You don’t need office space, you aren't tied to a specific location. Your digital product is delivered online and available to your customers 24/7 - all you need to do is to bank the money!

best work from home jobs part time

My Litten Method™ consists of weekly video lessons, Handbooks and Weekly Assignments. The course contains my proven step-by-step, proven, practical advice and guidance to walk you through from novice to mastery 

best work from home jobs part time

Want to create a digital product giving you income and freedom, pride and satisfaction while making £59 - £99 a Day? For €5 a week, you can't really go wrong. You're billed monthly, but I send my videos and the printable lessons out every week - you learn step-by-step - nothing is missed out!

I've been making a full time living online for years selling REALLY simple products to people who actually want them because they solve simple problems - I show you how to choose and create the perfect product for YOU!

  • Discover the ultimate system for turning your existing knowledge and expertise into a premium price online course
  • Find out how to select and narrow possible niches so you find the “sweet spot” where you can create a product that will sell itself – and don’t waste money or time on unprofitable ideas
  • Learn my powerful My Litten Method™ making enticing high quality product creation a quick, easy and fun process
  • How to create highly persuasive and captivating videos and sales letters that get your customers to buy
  • Get advanced product design strategies so you can command a premium price for any product you create
  • Discover how to craft an irresistible product offer that drives your your customers to own your product
  • Learn how to leverage your online course or digital product into a thriving online business that works for you 24 / 7


BRAND NEW: Would you like My Litten Method to INCLUDE getting you selling and earning with a top-quality TWENTY-video product
someone else has already created?

NO Website needed!

You will be fully licensed, and I’ll show you
how to write the pages to sell it

This program, ExPat Profit, is designed to coach you, step by step, on how to have your own product (maybe your first ever product) up & for sale live on the Internet in no time

The ‘Litten Method’ both deep dives (in upcoming videos) how to CREATE your own product, but there is also a
fast track to having YOUR OWN product for sale sooner … buy & resell one!

Make no mistake, this will be YOUR product, you will pocket 100% of every sale … but instead of spending time in the woodshed creating something upfront, you just buy the RIGHTS to a product someone else made

(These kinds of products are created by someone else with the specific intention of allowing YOU to take ownership by way of buying the rights. It’s a model called Private Label Rights, or ‘PLR’ for short … maybe you’ve heard of it?)

You will have the full RE-BRAND rights to this proven winner

Let's agree that the biggest hurdle to making a few Euro online, is and always will be ...
Getting everything set up so you have something up and 'out there' for sale.

This will be YOUR product. You keep ALL the revenue and profit from your sales

NOTE: This market-tested, proven product consists of 20 professionally-created HD videos

  • I have ALREADY done the in-depth market research to seek out an in-demand topic and product
  • YOU simply build out all the moving parts around that existing product
  • YOU do not need to focus on CREATING THE PRODUCT

You will have your first product up & for sale on the Internet within 30 days if you follow my step by step instructions ... GUARANTEED!
To be clear – you get your own sales page link to promote your own product - you get all the videos and the graphics
But there’s more …
I will show you in detail how to drive traffic to your new personal instant sales page
I will then hold your hand all the way to create and sell your next – and second unique product ... of YOUR OWN creation

But There's MORE ...

Risk reversal is you knowing you can cancel at any time, of course you can, but to get you to smash that subscribe button

I’m going to go one step further & not just reverse the risk but REMOVE all the risk entirely by GIVING you something as a SIGN UP BONUS that on it’s own sells for £39 all day long (Thats DOUBLE your financial commitment today!). 

This year I've rewritten a Special Report and Video called Making Money In Moments which I will send you immediately, as as Thank You for joining Expat Profit today.

This special 52-page Report PLUS 28-minute Video, shows you, step by step, how to make money simply buying VERY low-price items online (as low as ...1p) & immediately re-selling them, exactly as they are, at a MUCH higher price elsewhere online!

I even include lot's of PHOTOS & images of these unusual items … along with EXACTLY where to buy them and EXACTLY where to turn them around & re-sell them for a HUGE profit margin …

Plus I've also now expanded the Report to include things you can get for FREE to add value to other everyday items & again, EXACTLY where to sell them … with real live examples. AND you DON'T need a website!

I’m sure you agree, this insider eCommerce information is easily worth DOUBLE what you are about to spend & you will get immediate access to Making Money In Moments when you sign up for my Expat Profit weekly videos today

Now Let ME Show You How I Create MY Products ...

As an expatriate living in Spain, the cost of living in 2019 is a lot higher than I expected, and maybe like me, you found yourself "trapped in paradise". Not any more. You just need an Internet connection (mine is only 10MBS) and a laptop/PC (mine is 8 years old)

I've created and launched an easy small online business over the last 15 years in Spain, from scratch, on a dinky budget, and I’m going to reveal to you what is hands down the best online business model for creating income and personal freedom, in 2019 and beyond:

Google Does NOT Lie …

Go on, type my name – “dave litten” into Google. See if I ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’.

What do you see? Something like nearly half a million results pages and links to my website, training products, Primers, PRINCE2, PMP, Projex Academy, etc…all MINE.

Remember, I am just a one-man, part-time business.

Advice From An Old Brit? - Don't worry, I'm Old, Experienced, AND Smart!

Dave Litten 2020

Not Sure If You Can Create A Digital Product? 

Then Picture This ...

You meet up with a friend in a café or bar, and your friend asks you "I want to learn to play guitar like you, but don't know where to start, what sort of guitar should I get for a beginner?" (imagine that you are me, with several years of playing experience).

What you would do, is give them advice and guidance in a logical set of steps in an informal and conversational way. You would NOT tell them as if you were giving a lecture, writing a report, or reading the evening TV news would you?

One of the reasons I am good at explaining stuff to others, is that apart from keeping it simple, I have (thankfully) never been trained to teach!

All you need is having a mental image of talking to one person over a drink. Learning to write like I talk (I will show you the secrets) is the prime reason I have been so successful at making extra part-time income from home.

I left school with no qualifications, am dyslexic and struggled to write an application letter for my first job. If YOU can type conversationally into Microsoft WORD, post words and pictures on FaceBook, then you already have the generic skill levels to do this...

Would an extra few grand each month give you peace of mind and financial independence?

I'm gonna take you STEP BY STEP though what I've called the 'Litten Method' - (very modest of me isn't it!), of product making.

I'll do this every week, on video, okay, so I'm going to send you a video and some workbooks every week - for how much? for €5 and you can cancel any time Okay, so if everything I've said turns out to be a load of cobblers, you will have spilled a drink is all,

My Litten Method™ Is The Key To Your FinanciaIndependence

best work from home jobs part time

But Don’t Take MY Word For It ...

“Online digital products is the future.” - Forbes

Forbes is a global media company, that focuses on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle... It's smart to  pay attention to what they already know...

The online digital product model excellent right now, as one of the best, future-proof business models around. According to Global Industry Analysts, the e-learning industry crossed €110 Billion
and is predicted to rise to €330 billion by 2024.

The digital product model is a growth market, and learning via online courses is spreading and set to expand for for the foreseeable future.

So get into the e-learning business and ride a wave that’s still going UP for the next 6 years and beyond

So Who IS Dave Litten?

Okay, so I claim to be some kind of expert and I claim to be able to teach you how to make £49 to £99 a day. But can you really trust me? 

After all, how many fake gurus and online marketing “experts” are all over the place, making all kinds of promises and claims?

I totally agree with your skepticism. In the online marketing space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about.
People who have only ever made any income by promising to teach other people how to make money…

There are 5 things about me, that might ease your mind:

Ideas to make money from home

Dave Litten

  • I love teaching and creating online digital products
  • I’m not a one-trick pony - check out
  • I assume you have no idea what your digital product will be (yet)
  • I assume you have no clue about creating your product
  • I assume you know nothing about websites and marketing
  • I assume that (like me) you have no techie website or software skills

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t like My Litten Method™ for any reason, if you feel it wasn't worth your investment or even if you just want your money back for no reason at all, I've got you covered. 

I’ll take the risk here, you can get your paws on the first month's-worth of my multimedia modules of The Litten Method™ for just €20 per month
(please note, you pay monthly, but receive materials every week).

Invest today and you can simply ask for a refund anytime within the next 30 days. No Fuss. No Muss. I'm still a Brit and we are still Pals.

If you want to continue, do nothing and you will be billed €20 per month from there on. Cancel any time. You’re In Charge!

Craftsmen Are Made, Not Born

I’m going to teach you a craft. The craft of creating valuable digital products. Like any craft, it’s all in the doing. You can’t read a book about pottery and expect a vase to materialize in your life. You can’t consume this course and expect income to happen.

Only buy this course if you want to learn a continuous income-generating skill
and are prepared to follow my weekly detailed step-by-step guidance and assignments

Don't Hesitate, Get Started On The Best Work From Home Job Today!

Join me, Dave Litten, on your path to financial independence 

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