Attention cash-strapped Expats

If you’re an Expat (and even if you’re not) ...

UK pensioner living in Spain shows you step-by-step (on video) how to make a living online ... with what you (probably) already have!

If you have a PC, MAC or laptop ... you can do this

I can teach you how to bank several thousand Euro each month ... just weeks from today

my home-based businessDave Litten -

Become financially independent - banish money worries - live life on your terms!

Cost Of Living Is Not As Cheap As You Expected - Right?
Do You Still Live Paycheck To Paycheck? 

Be honest here, if you can honestly say just ONE of these situations is a hassle for you, then best you keep reading!

  • Transport is vital, yet you worry about the reliability of your aging car
  • Paying monthly bills for your home takes too large a slice out of your income
  • Rising food bills mean you shop for cheaper food than you would like
  • Eating out used to be regular - now its a rare luxury
  • Your home fixtures and fittings are showing signs of wear, but you can't afford to upgrade
  • Your family depends upon you but spare cash is hard to come by
  • Your social life is not what it used to be due to your limited budget
  • Family rows always seem to be about money - or the lack of it!
  • You can't remember the last time you could afford a decent holiday

I didn't make that list up, it described me a few years back - there was never enough to go round at the end of each month, worse yet, I didn't need a lot extra, just a few grand on top would make a world of difference ...

Could You Turn Your Knowledge 
Into Ongoing Streams Of Cash? 

I make a very good living online during my spare time, using just my computer and programs that came with it (and when I say ‘make a living’ I mean anywhere from €2,000 to €10,000 a month)

So ... what DO I do?

I MAKE Things ...
Simple Things That People Actually WANT

Then I sell them for 100% profit (because they are 100% digital)

The only skills I need, are to write, draw simple diagrams using the free tools I show you, talk to your computer, and (rarely), use a smart phone - but never to speak to people!

As for the 'technical skills' - well, if you have the talent to for example, set up an email account, post articles and pictures on FaceBook (not that you need FB for what I will show you), then you have all the typical  'tech' skills you need ... 

Got A Computer and A
Simple Internet Connection?

Game On!

Maybe you've been staring at your laptop knowing there must be something you can do to make a few Euros with it, maybe to stretch your pension, but so far no clue what to do?

Maybe you already have a full-time job, or you've retired like me as an Expat. The cost of living is not as cheap as you expected, and you could really appreciate an extra grand or so at the end of each month. You work hard, and you deserve it.

If any of this sounds like you, this may well be the most important letter you read all year

There are now in 2018, more than 4 billion people online in the world today - do you think you could sell a €20 simple product to just 100 of them each month (that's just one person in every 40 Million people)? 

Congratulations, you have created an extra €2,000 per month part-time income for you and your family.

TRANSFORM Your Life - 
Just Weeks From Now

Let me wipe away all the confusion, uncertainty and self doubt with what I have modestly called ...

The Litten Method

Sounds fancy? - Simply follow in my footsteps as I SHOW you step-by-step on video exactly what to do (just by pecking your keyboard)

The Bottom Line

I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly how to do it.

And the reason why is because I think this will get you the results you want even faster …and that’s what this program is all about. So, if I can show you a simple way you can make an extra few grand a month, would you be interested?

Introducing Expat Profit

Here are just a FEW of the big benefits of me teaching you The Litten Method 

  • This is SIMPLE. You will NOT need all that stuff I listed above!
  • If you have a half-decent PC, MAC or laptop ... game on!
  • You won’t need to buy lots of software. You probably already have what you need
  • You’ll be making digital products, with ZERO fulfillment costs (100% profit)
  • I show how to get your business started with just your spare time and $20
  • Work from anywhere. If you can connect to the internet -  you can sell the world
  • You won’t have to speak or meet with anyone to sell - it is done on autopilot
  • No one need know what you are doing. Some of my own family have no clue

Extra Income From 
Your Dining Table

Look, I’m not some bullshit guru who ‘got lucky’ doing something else, or a 22 year old chancer in a baseball cap (you've seen them) I’m just an ordinary guy with grown up kids, my wife Jude and a Brittany Spaniel called Rango

Income Goals Don't Get Scored 
If You Ain't Got The Ball!

The Internet is full of folks bragging about how they make a few grand each week "making money online". They are selling Internet marketing to people who are selling information products on how to make money online. What!?

Sounds a bit incestuous to me don't you think?

They NEVER did do themselves what they are telling you to do, that is, to make money by producing valuable information products/courses using their own, knowledge, skills and passions.

I have made myself financially independent for the past seventeen years by doing EXACTLY what I will teach YOU.

I will teach YOU how to do this step-by-step. Paint By Numbers ...

Put Me To The Test

So here’s a simple check for you to test if I do indeed "walk the talk":

Put my name - ’dave litten’ into Google. Note that you will see dominating the first several search pages are my small product websites...the exact ones that I use to make around €10,000 income each month. 

As a real example, I picked up on an idea from skim-reading just two books.  I used the table of contents of one of them  to structure and create a very simple product in a handful of weeks. I set it up on a simple web site (took me 2 hours), I sold it for just 27 and made 990 the first day it went on sale.

Oh, and here are a few comments from my buyers

Hey! I know What
You Are Thinking ...

Probably along the lines of, "I’m not an expert at anything" - "I don't know anything about anything that folks would pay anything for".

I will show you how you don't need to position yourself as the "expert", or the "authority", or even position yourself as the "luminary" - you don't need to be an expert to make my Method work.

My background happens to be in project management, so that’s what I created products in. Do I consider myself some project management guru?

Ha! Most project managers I worked with in my career were better and smarter than I. So how did I move forward?

Looking back, I could have chosen to create online products from several other bits of knowledge I had picked up on my personal life's highway ...

I've had several hobbies, such as building electronic circuits , many 'interests', such as astronomy, radio-controlled models, a few passions, such as fresh-water fishing and playing guitar...I could double that list list if I sat down and scratched my head for a few minutes ...

Some of those, I never really got good at, but I enjoyed them, AND I could have enjoyed creating an online product out of any of them to make an extra few thousand Euros a month!

Well, it's not JUST about knowing more about something than other people, you also need to Take Action!

Ignorance On Fire 
Will Beat Knowledge On Ice

I used some obvious, and some sneaky-but-ethical methods, and these include "reading up" on my chosen topics. I share ALL in Expat Profit. You may well have expertise or knowledge in one or more other areas...and I can guarantee that there will be people out there who will pay to know what it is that you know

Picture This ...

You meet up with a friend in a café or bar, and your friend asks you "I want to learn to play guitar like you, but don't know where to start, what sort of guitar should I get for a beginner?" (imagine that you are me, with several years of playing experience).

What you would do, is give them advice and guidance in a logical set of steps in an informal and conversational way. You would NOT tell them as if you were giving a lecture, writing a report, or reading the evening TV news would you?

One of the reasons I am good at explaining stuff to others, is that apart from keeping it simple, I have (thankfully) never been trained to teach!

All you need is having a mental image of talking to one person over a drink. Learning to write like I talk (I will show you the secrets) is the prime reason I have been so successful at making extra part-time income.

Conversational Writing is the Secret!

Your 'Secret Sauce'
To Part Time Income

This is what you will be diving into:

Each week I will send you a ‘paint by numbers’ video and check-sheet "how-to" Handbook and Action List via a special email link. You'll get my Wizard Secrets That Work.

Just follow along and it will all fall into place ... I show you step-by-step ... trust me. Heck! I'll even be setting you "homework" - but unlike school, this will be FUN!

Step-By-Step Wizardry!

Here’s a sample of my weekly step-by-step method you will receive to make money part time - just like me!

  • The state of the Internet. Who is trying to confuse you & why
  • Your Online RoadMap
  • Simple Skills and Tools for success
  • How To Make Money with your passions (or other peoples passions - you don't need to be the "expert"!)
  • It’s time you made the ‘Big Leap’ from C_______ to P_______
  • What people buy and what you should be selling
  • My ‘what should you make’ blueprint checklist to decide YOUR first product
  • What simple ‘tools’ you will want to make a start (probably hiding on your computer)
  • DON’T COMPLICATE THIS – examples of super simple products that SELL
  • The BEAUTY of digital products - and why these should be courses
  • Where to find buyers
  • The Litten Method
  • The secrets of writing like you talk
  • Choosing your niche direction
  • How to create your product in under two weeks!
  • From digital product to thriving business
  • The FIVE simple tools that took me to success
  • Setting up your one website in 2 hours flat!
  • My Done-For-You templates for website success
  • Selling on autopilot (it’s a lot easier than you think)
  • ...and much, much, more ...

Here’s how confident I am
that YOU can do this ...

Each week you get a detailed video with a printable Handbook and principle Actions List (my unique Money Lab Road Map) building as we go, into a complete system - keep it on your computer, keep it on your desk so you can refer to it over and over again for years to come. 

Remember, my Litten Method will provide you with a permanent part-time income.

  • I will assume you are a complete novice
  • This is a simple Step-By-Step System that anyone can do
  • I take you by the hand and show you the simple steps
  • I explain everything in simple language - no jargon!
  • You get a new video and detailed Action List every WEEK!
  • You get step-by-step actions to implement - each will be EASY!
  • Each Module’s printable download builds into a powerful Master Handbook - getting you to your goal of a part-time income 
  • I show you the EXACT techniques, tools and methods that I use every day to make my income

Your 100% 30-Day
Zero Risk Guarantee

Dave, I'm seriously going to give this program my very best effort, and I'm going to give it my all.

I understand that you've taken many years to learn, perfect and organize this knowledge, and I agree to treat this coaching & training with utmost respect. I also understand that I have a generous full 30 days without risk to decide whether or not your Expat Profit Masterclass is for me, and that I can ask for a full refund anytime during that 30-day period.

By staying past 30 days, I agree that I'm committed and I'm going to stay with the program all the way through to the end!

"You can cancel anytime - YOU are in charge. If, after consuming the first 30 days of multi-media modules of 'The Litten Method' you don't feel we are a fit, FOR WHATEVER REASON, just email me personally & ask for a refund. As I say, No fuss no muss"

Here's the Only Catch ...

I ‘hatch a new batch’ of students all over Europe every 90 days or so.

More than that and I end up doing too much indoor ‘customer service & support’ type stuff, and frankly at 72, I can't be bothered with endless hours of customer support anymore.

What's the point of being retired in Spain, if you can't swim, enjoy the weather, and go to a beach-side bar? 

So to keep me more outdoors than indoors, I will pull this offer in a week or so when I've sold enough Expat Profit courses to get my new hatchlings up & running ...

Given you do not know when I wrote that, this offer will NOT be around forever but ... if you can still see a blue Reserve My Seat  button below, you’re IN!

Okay Dave, so how much?

I’ll take the risk here, you can get your paws on the first month's-worth of my multimedia modules of The Litten Method™ for just €20

If you want to continue, do nothing and you will be billed €20 per month from there on.

Cancel any time. You’re In Charge!

NOTE — This is the video course in product creation for those who want to create an extra  income in their spare time. If that's not you, then this will not be a useful skill for you and you won't be the satisfied customer I'm looking for.

However, if you love it as much as I know you will,  you can look forward to receiving a new video and learning materials module every week (please note, you pay monthly, but receive materials every week).

Back Up -
Did You Get That?

For just €5 A WEEK (the price of a cup of coffee), you can create in your spare time, an online business teaching folks in what you are already interested, teaching them experience of, and knowledge on, a topic that customers will pay you for!

...or you could just buy a Starbucks coffee once a week and go back on the treadmill of life, forever struggling to provide you and your family with a lifestyle you already deserve! 

I'm prepared to kick a hole in the wall of the pain-ridden unhappy maze you've got yourself into ...

OK, it’s time to get going 

sEx-Dilbert cube, retired to Spain, makes a living just pecking his keyboard, here's how, €20 a month. Cancel Anytime. You’re In Charge! - Click Below ...

Don't Be A Dilbert

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