How to Turn Words into Money

In these uncertain times, you need to generate a side income to protect you and your family's financial future

It's easier and cheaper than you think - copy the same system I have used for the past two decades to bank up to £3,000 every month.

Corona virus has NOT stopped my income

UK pensioner living in Spain shows you step-by-step (on video) how to make a living online with this work from home opportunity ... with what you (probably) already have!

Discover how to turn your knowledge, passion, or experience into online courses and digital products you can sell online for high prices from simple home employment

I will show you how with step-by-step videos

for just one low price of €37.00!

You get Lifetime Access to your videos, tools, and documents

Your Best Work From Home Business in 2021

Learn how to make a part-time living online from your computer - without having to meet with anyone… even if you can only type with two fingers (like me)!

Just one payment of €37.00 - enrolments close soon


You missed out!

Your Best Work From Home Job?

You may already have a full-time job, or you've retired like me as an Expat.

Maybe you've been staring at your laptop knowing there must be something you can do to make a few Euros with it, maybe to stretch your living expenses or pension, but so far, no clue what to do?

This is a legit work from home, home-based business

Imagine what extra income could do for you?

The cost of living is not as cheap as you expected, and you could really appreciate an extra grand or so at the end of each month. You have worked hard in your life, and you deserve it.

It only takes one tight financial month - perhaps an unexpected expense, and meeting your outgoing bills gets closer to the wire ...

You've always paid your way, and it's frustrating you can't seem get ahead of the curve - you feel lousy and are looking for a way to make extra money

Get peace of mind and financial independence

working from home

So you cut back on small treats - going out for meals, entertaining and socializing - even expenses like servicing your car. Heck! you don't need a lot extra - just imagine what a grand or two a month extra income would make to your financial independence...

Imagine being able to shop and buy on impulse, perhaps a new gadget, furniture, clothes or accessories, that luxury weekend break. It's the little things that make a difference isn't it?

If only you could come up with a legitimate 'work from home' passive income - without working for, or with, anyone else - so, would an extra few grand each month give you peace of mind and financial independence?

Have you been making these mistakes?

You could really appreciate an extra grand or so at the end of each month?

Why not? You work hard, and you deserve it. 

Is it more than a year you've been putting off, pondering or fiddling about with your computer and STILL not make enough money to regularly put meat in your crock pot?

Your finances are about to get better ...

If any of this sounds like you, this may well be the most important page you read all year.

Buckle up, because today you’re going to learn something that could swell your financial independence forever with one of the best ways to make money ...

The tools you will need to create your first product are probably already lurking on your computer or smart phone!

What if there was a way to make an impact on the world, create freedom in your life, and build wealth and financial security for yourself and your family?

Your experience, insight, and expertise all hint that there’s a bigger possibility waiting for you - you can feel it, but maybe you just don’t see how to make it happen.

Expat Profit is here to tell you that it is achievable.

In 2021 folks learn skills online - NOT in classrooms!

Demand for online courses has exploded over the last few years, so you may already be familiar with the concept - in fact, you may have taken an online course or two yourself!

Just as demand has grown, so have the number of people promising that all you need to change your life is to build a course of your own.

I want to show you what a successful course business looks like at each stage of growth. I want to give you the actual steps to follow, so that you can grow through each of those stages.

And I want to prepare and equip you to easily side-step the normal challenges that you will encounter along the way, and get YOU the success you deserve and desire.

Ignorance on fire will beat knowledge on ice

I used some obvious, and some sneaky-but-ethical methods, and these include "reading up" on my chosen topics. I share ALL in Expat Profit. You may well have expertise or knowledge in one or more other areas...and I can guarantee that there will be people out there who will pay to know what it is that you know - right now!

Here's How ...

I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business to show you how much success is possible selling Training Products and online – just working from home on your computer. I will walk you through the process of creating a highly valuable product to sell and then how to make sure your marketing sells it. 

My Litten Method™  shows you how to work at home, gives you a series of tools, techniques and templates, then walks you through how to use them in easy bite-sized steps for you to create an online income.

What Is Dave Litten's Secret?

I started my business working from my computer twenty years ago, all of it online and all of it working from home…without any computer degrees or college degrees. 

I had just one eBook on managing projects that I wrote in two months flat using information freely available on the Internet and existing books. 

Now I have several successful online training courses that provide me with a financially independent lifestyle. So what’s my secret? I think it’s simple. I create super, high quality info products and training, stuff that people find valuable.

And you can too…by identifying niche opportunities where there’s a big need and then creating information products people want to buy. 

That’s what this page is all about: helping you take advantage of an industry that generates over $400 billion a year in worldwide sales. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me wipe away all the confusion, uncertainty and self-doubt with :
The Litten Method™

So ... what DO I do?

I MAKE Things Simple things that people actually WANT!
Then I sell them for 100% profit (because they are 100% digital)

The only skills I need, are to write, draw simple diagrams using the free tools I show you, talk to your computer, and (rarely), use a smart phone - but never to speak to people!

As for the 'technical skills' - well, if you have the skill for example, to set up an email account, post articles and pictures on Facebook (not that you need those for what I will show you), then you have ALL the typical 'tech' skills you need ...

EXPAT PROFIT  is an online course designed to teach you how to create
Passive Income from your own home

Special offer! Enroll now and get My Bonus 'Create Weekly Income in 10 days' Video

I've created and launched an easy small online business over the last 20 years from scratch, on a dinky budget, and I’m going to reveal to you what is hands down the best online business model for creating income and personal freedom, in 2021 and beyond

Google Does NOT Lie …

Go on, type my name – “DAVE LITTEN” into Google. See if I ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’. 

What do you see? Something like nearly half a million result pages and links to my website, training products, Masterclasses, Primers, PRINCE2, PMP, Projex Academy, etc…all MINE.

Remember, I am just a one-man, part-time business. You can work from anywhere! My latest €49 training product took me just 4 weeks to make and launch - I will show you too, in easy bite-sized steps.

Advice From An Old Expat Brit? - Don't worry, I'm a Smart and Experienced Old Expat Brit!

Dave at lunch

There are now in 2020, more than 5 Billion (yep - 5,000,000,000) people online in the world today - do you think you could sell a €20 simple product to just 100 of them each month? (that's €2,000 a month right there)

“E-Learning is the future.” - Forbes

In case you don't know, Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and pay attention to what they already know...

“ Not only is the online course business model excellent right now, it may also be one of the best, future-proof business models around.
According to Global Industry Analysts, the e-learning industry crossed €100 Billion
and is predicted to rise to over €300 billion by 2025 

In other words: this is a growth market

“ We are living in the information age and learning via online courses is spreading and set to grow for a long time to come. If you are tired of getting on-board with a new fad or opportunity only to find out it’s already on the way out - Get into the e-learning business and ride a wave that’s still going UP for the next 6 years and beyond  - Forbes.

Not Sure If You Can Create A Digital Product? 
Then Picture This ...

You meet up with a friend in a café or bar, and your friend asks you "I want to learn to play guitar like you, but don't know where to start, what sort of guitar should I get for a beginner?" (imagine that you are me, with several years of local-band playing experience from way back!)...

What you would do, is give them advice and guidance in a logical set of steps in an informal and conversational way. You would NOT tell them as if you were giving a lecture, writing a report, or reading the evening TV news, would you?

Ideas to make money from home

If I can do it - anybody can!

I left school with no qualifications, am dyslexic, and struggled to write an application letter for my first job. If YOU can type conversationally into Microsoft WORD, post words and pictures on Facebook, then you already have the expertise levels to do this...

I make money from home despite being a technical dinosaur ... I'm writing this on an aging 9 year-old computer in a spare room, and beg help from family members to tweak it now and then - *blush* I can't even text on a smart phone (even if I owned a one - which I don't)...

One of the reasons I am good at explaining stuff to others, is that apart from keeping it simple, I have (thankfully) never been trained to teach! I type and teach like I talk.

Just have an image in your head of talking to ONE person over a drink. Learning to write like you talk (I will show you the secrets) is the prime reason I have been so successful at making extra part-time income from home.

Heck! I don't even have to meet or chat with my customers - it really is that straightforward ...

Here’s what you’ll get when you join my Expat Profit Membership:

My Litten Method™ is an online course consisting of 142 easy to watch HD video lessons, with practical assignments to grow your income step-by-step 

The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through my entire process for going from zero to creating a regular passive income each month

You get access to your first week straight away. Each week I will send you a ‘paint by numbers’ video and check-sheet "how-to" Handbook and Action List via a special email link. You'll get my Wizard Secrets That Work.

Just follow along and it will all fall into place ... I show you step-by-step ... trust me. Heck! I'll even be setting you "homework" - but unlike school, this will be FUN!

I will assume you are a complete novice at the start, and will take you by the hand from helping you discover your individual interest niche, all the way through to launching AND marketing your training product - I even teach you how to get brand new customers!

By the end of teaching you my Litten Method™ you too will be making a regular passive income each and every month! There is no better work from home opportunity

Find Your Starving Crowd

My Litten Method™ features a sure-fire simplified framework that you can use to ensure your training course has a unique advantage in your market.

Uncover Your Strengths

Don't fail before you start - it is vital to tease out your knowledge or passion for a teaching topic - but MUCH more important is researching the precise level needed, and how to get there 

Don't Sweat The Techie Stuff

I will show you step-by-step how to create your very own powerful (yet simple) online selling machine - you and I build your business together ... week-by-week!

Create Your Own Product - AND Market It!

Not only will I show you how to create a sought-after online training product, I will also show you how to get regular sales - Heck! I will even offer you TWO existing products to sell - and keep 100% of the profits!

Here’s what people are saying about Expat Profit

Deva Shillito

Online Business Coach

Look, I'm not a step-by-step guy ... but I know Dave Litten is - it's what he teaches. So, if you are at ground zero and need a clear guide to making your first profits online, Dave is your man.

If you've yet to get something up and out there for sale, take my strong advice, sign up and prepare to be amazed at how much Dave over-delivers for just £37 !

If you want a step by step method for creating 'something' which sells for around £49 / €49 or more, and you are shown how with monkey-butt simple instructions on VIDEO, then this TIMELESS video based training is evergreen so will still be golden way into the future - simply amazing value!

Adam Ringshall

Business Owner

I am currently going through Dave Litten's Expat Profit course and must say I am loving his stuff, it's GREAT step-by-step, ABC, 123, paint by numbers easy!

Your 32-Step Litten Method Lab

Here is how I will take you from novice to providing you with an independent regular online income - using exactly the same steps, techniques and tools that I do!


Step 1: Harness The Online Revolution

The objective of Step 1 is to set the scene for the huge opportunity that awaits you and to explain why ANYONE like you who is prepared to take action, can generate a regular part-time income by creating a digital product.

You get 8 videos for you (total 74 minutes) to accompany your Handbook.

I demonstrate how you will harness the Online Revolution and use the "numbers game" to fund your new financial independence!

BONUS 1. I show you how to set up an online shop (no website needed) to start selling existing in-demand physical products within the next 2 weeks. My Daughter uses the same technique to make over $1000 per month for regular 'shopping money'


Step 2: Discovering Your Litten Method

You get 14 videos totaling 124 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

Here, I introduce you to The Vast Digital Pathway that awaits you, and give an overview of my Litten Method ...

I show you how to use my Keyword Kraft Wizard (free editable download) to start your potential product niche search. You'll also be taught how to use several keyword search tools to narrow your niche.

I guide you through the Litten Method steps. I will then demonstrate how you can identify your skills and interests, going on to harness those to first identify, research and test the most profitable niche for you to ensure that you will get the income stream you want.

You get an Identify Your Passions Template Guide to zone in on your most popular niche.

Crucially, I demonstrate how to side-step the traps most folks make when choosing their niche and instead, lead you to the profitable niches. 


Step 3: Why You Must Narrow Your Niche

You get 3 videos totaling 75 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

The objective for this Step is for you to clearly identify and test your chosen niche.

I start by showing exactly how to do this and would expect you to refine your choice as I take you through the various tools and ideas to help you identify a profitable "niche within a niche within a niche within a niche"!


Step 4: Connecting With Your Product Niche

The objective of Step 4 is for you to deep dive into your product niche, refine your ideas, and use my recommended FREE keyword/niche tool to finalize your online training product niche.

You get 8 videos totaling 73 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

You get precise advice on how to research your product niche to ensure healthy sales as well as executing online research links.

I have also included a bonus video - not by me, but it is great to stimulate your thoughts about coming up with product ideas. 


Step 5: Tailor and Design Your Product Structure

The objective of Step 5 is for you to create and develop the structure (not the content) of your online product. To make this easy for you to do, I have included my down-loadable Product Creation Wizard (both as an editable WORD document and a printable PDF) to provide you with an easy step-by-step approach to define your products' structure.

You get 4 videos totaling 91 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

You get TWO bonuses in Step 5:

The first is a One Hour Bonus Video covering Idea Generation Training

I paid £19.97 for this video and you get it totally FREE. In effect, that means THIS months' 20 Euro Membership is totally FREE!

Second, I show you how YOU CAN OWN the lifetime resell rights of an existing, high-quality training product that is already a proven winner - this is in addition to creating your own training product.
... Oh yes, and you DON'T need a website to sell it!


Step 6: Crafting Your Conversational Writing Tone 

The objective of Step 6 is help you write conversationally, as this is a key skill to creating your online product and generating good sales and regular income.

You get 5 videos totaling 53 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

You have some important exercises to carry out - so don't skip them!

You also get my WORD Wizard and document template.


Step 7: Harnessing Document Creation

The objective of Step 7 is for you to get to grips with Microsoft WORD. It is highly likely that you already know a bit about the application. If that is the case, then do still skim through the video steps, as my focus will be on creating high quality accompanying documents to your online training product.

You get 7 videos totaling 66 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

What you WILL already be doing is creating your documents based on my Product Creation Wizard from two weeks back - and that should remain your prime focus until it (they) are complete, or at least in first draft form.


Step 8: Unearthing MS PowerPoint

How to break away from boring bullets!

The objective of Step 8 is to get you up to speed with Microsoft PowerPoint, as this application plays a central role in you creating great training products using unique dynamic graphics to make your training come alive in easy-learn steps!

You get 2 videos totaling 46 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

As a bonus I give you my secret stash of graphics to use in your presentations!


Step 9: Tailoring Animation and Image Editing

The objective of Step 9 is to build on the previous Step and provide you with vital PowerPoint practice

You get 3 videos totaling 31 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

Here, I showcase PowerPoint animation - my secret sauce! You will also master my free graphic editing tool - FAR easier than Photoshop!

You get one of my own product's PowerPoint slide deck for you to edit and copy, giving you a fast-track start to your own product.

But that's not all ... I give you my accompanying video to the above slide deck so you can see and listen to how I use it on one of my most successful training products. Hearing me present, will build your voice-over skills and confidence!


Step 10: The Best and Simplest Way To Record Video

The objective of Step 10 is to show you how to create and edit your own camera videos using FREE tools and your smart phone or web YOU have lots to do this week!

You get a detailed video totaling 27 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

I share with you how to record computer screen recording - without the need for a camera!


Step 11: Sales Copywriting Demystified - Part 1

The objective of Step 11 is to start your journey to become a copywriter - this is vital for your ability to earn money online - don't worry, I will get you there!

You get 2 videos totaling 33 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

Your will learn how to write powerful advertisements and breathe life into your writing using engaging texture words!

Steps 11, 12 and 13 will provide all you need to learn and master this important skill...


Step 12: Sales Copywriting Demystified - Part 2

This is the second step of learning copywriting skills and is vital for your product marketing and document creation.

You get 3 videos totaling 48 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

I show you how to get inside your readers mind and tap into their needs and desires. Print out all three documents and use them together...

I have included a phenomenal movie performance and script by Alex Baldwin including a variant of beware of strong language though...


Step 13: Sales Copywriting Demystified - Part 3

The objective of Step 13 is to complete your understanding of both the art and science of copywriting plus complete your first draft of your MS WORD Sales Page for your product.

You get 3 videos totaling 52 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

You will learn how to pull ´the trigger´ of your customers decision to buy and write compelling bullets that ooze curiosity.

I show you exactly how to address scepticism, overcome objections and craft rock-solid guarantees on your sales page. In addition, you get my headline formulas and how to use neuro-linguistic techniques to get customers to buy from you with confidence.

In addition to your Handbook, you have a further TWO important documents to download:

1. Your Expat Profit Headline Swipe File

2. An example of a Sales Page for you to both learn and copy!


Step 14: Making Sense of Email Marketing

The objective of this Step along with the next Step, is to teach you Email Marketing.

You get 3 videos totaling 77 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook. 

This is one of the most under-rated marketing skills you will ever need. My ever-growing email list is the main source of my online income!

I teach you how to carry out advanced keyword research and harnessing long-tail keywords and phrases.


Step 15: Connect with the Best FREE Autoresponder

The objective of this Step is to complete your knowledge of email marketing, along with your FREE download offer product, and create TEN autoresponder emails.

You get 2 videos totaling 47 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

In addition, I will give you an overview of my preferred autoresponder along with powerful email strategies - plus my (FREE) autoresponder of choice


Step 16: Creating Powerful 3D Product Images

The objective of this Step is to build on the previous step of creating a free downloadable offer in exchange for a subscriber’s email address, and for the eBook image for your main training product.

You get my 27 minute video to accompany your Handbook

In addition, you can download an editable Power Point Deck containing the design image templates for common eBooks - the wire binder and the ring binder...

You will learn how to set up sales, squeeze pages and opt-in guidelines along with the correct use of colour. Then I go on to show you how to create a 3D image - I will provide one for you - FREE!


Step 17: Building Your Website Using WP Dashboard

The objective of this Step is for you to set up and launch your new online training website. Once set up, you and I will be spending the next two steps refining and completing this work...

You get 2 videos totaling 54 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

You will learn how to perform website setup and use of the WordPress Dashboard - you will now be in pole-position to start making an income!


Step 18: Connecting The WordPress Sales Machine

The objective of this Step is for you to invest and install in my preferred and powerful WordPress Theme, and to become familiar with its functions.

You get 4 videos totaling 70 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

You will learn how to create a hybrid sales page to maximize sales conversions as well as building your vital Customer List


Step 19: Crafting Your Sales Funnel

The objective of this Step is for you to set up an API link with your new Autoresponder account, and then learn to create the THREE most important Website Theme pages to form part of your free download offer Sales Funnel! 

You get my 22 minute video to accompany your Handbook


Step 20: Autoresponder Integration

The objective of this week’s Module is for you to integrate your autoresponder with your WordPress Theme. In addition, to transfer your MS WORD documents for your sales page and autoresponder series.

You get 2 videos totaling 38 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook, and a useful downloadable guide to understanding and using Mail Chimp from Sarah Maricar Donaire 

Finally, for the purposes of SEO, you will create keyword-based article pages - these too, can now go live by transferring them as pages created within your new website.


Step 21: Integrating Your Payment Processor

The objective of this week’s Module is for you to integrate your Stripe Payment processor with your website so that you can start selling!

Both video 3 and 4 I grabbed from YouTube as both presenters did a great job on explaining two ways of using Stripe for payment methods.

You get 4 videos totaling 48 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook


Step 22: Mobilizing Lead Generation Marketing

The Step 22 objective is to start building your list and using FREE hosting for your training videos!

You get my 29 minute video to accompany your Handbook

I show you how to:

  • Create and Install your Thrive Lightbox Page (follow my instructions in the video)
  • Get your website registered in the search engines Google and Bing using your Yoast SEO plugin. Do this via the Google Search Console – I show you every step of the way!
  • Create your You Tube Account and upload your Unlisted product videos


Step 23: Harness FREE You Tube Marketing - Part 1

The objective of Step 23 is to show you how to set up your new You Tube Channel to brand your training product business and to use as a FREE source of subscriber leads that feed into your Squeeze Page.

You get 6 videos totaling 45 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

 I have included four great instructional videos from You Tube themselves, plus details in the accompanying Handbook of course...


Step 24: Harness FREE You Tube Marketing - Part 2

The objective of this Step is to prepare your YouTube video and rank it highly so that it provides a free source of potential customers to your sales page or squeeze page.

You get 2 videos totaling 41 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

I teach you the You Tube ranking techniques that work best to drive customers to your website. As a bonus, I show you how to ethically steal your competitors ranking!


Step 25: Creating a Powerful Marketing Position

The objective of this Step is for you to understand and create your unique market position and to use this as a strength to engage and gain trust with your potential customers. 

Don't worry, I show you step-by-step how to do this.

You get 5 videos totaling 125 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

This is a bumper-packed Handbook containing FOUR Bonus articles I have created - they all lead to you positioning yourself and your training product.

Finally, I included an article on marketing......YOURSELF and the secret that Apple uses for market domination!


Step 26: Facebook Advertising - Part 1

The objective of this Step is to enable you to set up your Facebook Channel and to use Facebook for your product marketing via adverts.

You get 5 videos totaling 32 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook.

I show you how to target your audience and make your Facebook Ads stand out against the competition!


Step 27: Facebook Advertising - Part 2

The objective of Step 27 is to continue from the previous Step, to show you how to set up your very own Facebook Channel, and create and test your first Facebook Ads

You get 5 videos totaling 29 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

I show you how to create the best Facebook bidding strategy, how to create your Facebook Page, plus how to test and analyze your Facebook Ad.


Step 28: Creating Products From Private Label Rights

Step 28 is different.

It is all about a topic called Private Label Rights (PLR).

I use PLR products to supplement some of my training products, but sometimes I use a PLR product in its entirety in order to create a product on its own.

My Handbook shows you in detail what the different types of PLR are, and I give you examples of how to use them in your online business.


Step 29: The eBay, Amazon and Kindle Money-makers

The objective of Step 29 is to show you how to make money online by using THREE main platforms - eBay, Amazon and Kindle.

You get 4 videos totaling 50 minutes for you to accompany your Handbook

This weeks Handbook is a bumper one, giving you lots of detail on the above three marketing choices. I go into detail on setting up your eBay Store, listing and selling on eBay, publishing on Kindle and Amazon.


Step 30: Marketing With Webinars

Step 30 is all about running very profitable webinars. You will want to use webinars as part of your marketing since they give great returns.
You will NOT want to use them until you have your training product and website fully set up.

You get 5 videos totaling 123 minutes.

My videos will provide you with an overview of what they are and why you should use them. I have included the Sales Video by Andy Jenkins, the co-founder of Webinar Jam - I use it because it is the best and cheapest platform out there! Not only that, I have got phenomenal profits from running them!

The third video is by Steve Dotto, and provides a great tuition of setting up and implementing Webinar Jam.


Step 31: Marketing Secrets of Google and Bing Ads

The objective of Step 31 is to teach you how to use Bing Ads and Google Ads to market your online product. In addition, I introduce you to the techniques for keyword research and designing your website 'snippets' to optimize your online search results.

You have a massive 15 videos totaling 122 minutes for you to accompany your Step 31 Handbook.


Step 32: Your Own Lifetime Resale Rights Product

This is the FINAL Step of your Expat Profit Training!  

In this final step, You have a massive 12 videos totaling 96 minutes  for you to accompany your Step 32 Handbook.

The objective of this step is to complete your Bing Ads training

BONUS OFFER - One Time Only

I will be showing you an option of how YOU CAN OWN the lifetime resell rights of an existing, high-quality training product that is already a proven winner ... If that's not enough to get you pumped - then check your pulse!

Fast-Track Your Online Income - Limited Numbers - First Come, First Served.

You have the option to buy the Lifetime Resell Rights to an existing top-quality, in-demand 20 video-based product where you are able to buy the resell and RE-BRAND Rights to an existing proven product winner ...

... Oh yes, and you DON'T need a website to sell it!


But There’s More ...

Bonus 1
Make Money In Moments
make money in moments

My main income is from creating online training videos; however, I also use a revenue generating business called Arbitrage to fast-track your initial income while you are creating your own training products. You get to keep 100% of your profits - get started just a few days from today!

Bonus 2
Traffic Alchemy 20 Video Course

Invest in this one-time offer of a proven product that you can start selling and keep 100% of the profits. Learn how to target visitors that stream into your website and put money in your hand!  I show you how to get targeted high quantity traffic visitors who are already looking for what you have to sell

Bonus 3
The Little-known Traffic Generator

As an extra bonus, you get a chance to invest, own and sell what you will have already learnt – Bing Ads Made Easy! You get a 20-video set training product to sell and keep 100% of your profits - the perfect ready-made and already a proven best-selling training product

Ideas to make money from home
Your Best Work From Home Business

About Dave Litten

Dave Litten is retired and lives full time in a Costa Blanca Spanish hillside villa.  He makes his online living of up to €10,000 each month during his spare time, using just a computer and programs that came with it.

Dave has been doing this since 2000 to supplement his small pension with a continuous passive income.

He creates and sells online teaching products on a range of topics that he either has experience in, or an interest/passion about (after first researching about them in books or online content).

He has helped make hundreds of people financially independent by explaining in easy bite-sized steps how they too, can create and sell their own unique online training products for a regular part-time income from home.

Ideas to make money from home

Here’s what people are saying about Dave

Nadeem Khan

Senior Manager

Hi Dave, I've bought all your courses and they're brilliant!

Regards, Nadeem

Walter Heuvel

Senior Manager

You are truly a Guru and a Master in your work - Thank you very much for going the extra mile. I can only express my gratitude

Robert Carrasco

Marketing Specialist

Your training material is fantastic!  Head and shoulders above other training I have come across.   Thank you for an excellent product

What You’ll Discover in the Litten Method™ Course Modules

  • Get Paid, Provide Access. I will take you step-by-step, the simplest way to set up a system that gets you paid and gives your customers access to your course, automatically
  • Banish Freeloaders and Thieves. I will show you how to make sure only paying customers can access your content and how to protect your content from being illegally downloaded and shared. You get to keep every cent you earn and deserve!
  • The Video Module Formula. How you can create well produced, professional looking, highly informative video lessons and publish them in your course - without needing expensive software or hardware!
  • Build Your Customer List. Every step to set up your email marketing system and make sure new customers are added to your mailing list, automatically
  • The Product Idea Filter. Use my system to find a true winner of a product idea - or to refine and improve your own idea for a course, if you already have one
  • The Transform Trick. People don't want 'information' because it's everywhere! What they are *actually* looking for is Transformation (often in a small way). It's not the product - it's the Outcome. I'll show you how to make that powerful change!
  • The Marketing “Catch Code”. This method makes finding the perfect idea, getting customers and creating highly persuasive sales copy for your product so easy, it almost feels like cheating
  • The “Sales Page Focus” Approach. In My Litten Method™, I use a system with a focus on your sales message. As soon as you put my system into place, you’ll realize how just starting with product creation is a recipe for pain, frustration and failure and you’ll wonder why you ever did it otherwise.
  • The Four P's Method for Creating Unique Products. How can you make a product that truly differentiates itself from your competition? How can you stand out from the crowd? Use the PPPP Method to create a product that will make your customers love you and ask for more
  • The 5 Components of High Value Courses. I’ll demonstrate exactly what makes the difference between a $5 course that still feels like a waste of money and a $200 course that feels like a steal. Creating highly valuable, well-presented and truly useful online courses is a matter of using the right system
  • The Visual Design Shortcut. Typical entrepreneur newbie mistake: worrying about brand design, visuals, logo etc. and wasting endless time and money on it. Using the Visual Design Shortcut in the The Litten Method™, I cut this entire process down to 10 minutes, max. (it doesn't cost anything either!)
  • The Online Course Pre-Launch Method. Learn how you can get paid to create your second online course first and then start working on the content. This approach will even help you create a better product, than if you create first and sell second
  • The Stealth/Bootstrap Launch Sequence. Discover the simple way to create a fully-fledged, sales-generating product launch sequence – all without any special tools or sounding salesy or pushy
  • The Revenue Machine. Discover the 5 components you can add to your online course, to turn it from a lukewarm seller into a reliable, long-term revenue machine

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All other online training I've used before were definitely for nothing compared to your videos. Reviewing your very clear and logic presentations pushed me up to the required level of understanding

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